When Only The Best Will Do…

Practising in Moor Park, a private residential estate 15 miles Northwest of central London, 

Dr Joe Bhat BDS FDS RCS MClinDent MRD RCSEd Specialist in Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery is very familiar with the expectations of his patients and he does everything he can to meet and exceed those expectations. Here he discusses his philosophy in life and why only the best will do.

If you study the most successful and respected people in the world, you’ll find they all share a similar trait; they accept nothing but the best in everything they do. They expect the best in all aspects of their life, and most of all themselves. I believe the most powerful thing anyone can do to improve the quality of their life, be it related to work, a relationship, or your health, is to decide that living life at any less than the very best you can is unacceptable.

When I started my dental career in 1992 I had a vision of the kind of practice I would one  day own and work in, and through hard work and dedication and a vision of always demanding the best from myself for the benefit of my patients, I am very fortunate to now own two practices, both of which I am very proud of. Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre provides eight different specialties in one location and has been providing multi-disciplinary specialist care for over a decade. The practice accepts referrals from dentist in the local area, nationally, and even internationally as we have established an excellent Specialist team able to rival the best around the world. Our general practice, Moor Care Dental offers our local community access to a talented team of experienced dental professionals who are dedicated to perfecting patients smiles and improving overall oral health with an extraordinary level of skill and expertise.

Invest in the best

The backbone to both practices is the quality of our clinical and non-clinical staff coupled with the investment we have made in the practice environments and the equipment we use. Our patients deserve the best of everything and we have worked hard to equip both practices to a very high standard including a cone beam CT scanner, digital microscopy, NSK surgical equipment and state-of-the-art autoclaves and infection control procedures. By focusing on excellence we help our patients overcome their fears of dental treatment, because let’s be honest, nobody truly looks forward to a dental appointment! From the outset I wanted to see happy faces coming and going from the practice. If I was going to improve people’s smiles, I wanted to see them in action.

To be truly successful in clinical practice we need to understand how dental patients feel, and put ourselves in their shoes (or put on their dental bibs, to be more accurate). We need to understand their fears and try to remove or minimise as many of those phobias as possible. Clearly there are some things most patients don’t like; needles, pain, gagging on impression materials, the smells, the noise and the discomfort of ongoing or lengthy treatments. In the pursuit of delivering the best possible patient experience we have designed the practices to be patient-centric, which allows patients to feel at home and much more at ease. We focus on the ‘experience’ where patients are well informed about the treatments and the likely outcomes, giving them a sense of control. We also make the visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible… if it’s not fun stop doing it!

New Technology

Keeping pace with new technology is also vital in terms of offering patients excellence and we continually invest in new equipment. I firmly believe that In the long run, the cost of losing a patient is greater than the investment in technology. The one instrument that we all use on a daily basis is a handpiece, both restorative and surgical. It is fascinating that something so simple can have a dramatic impact in how we perform dentistry. In both practices we routinely use NSK handpieces, surgical kit and autoclaves, as I consider them to be the best in the business for quality, performance and service. I personally spend most of my clinical time placing implants and undertaking surgical procedures. This is exacting and demanding work and I need confidence in the equipment I use. The NSK Surgic Pro implant motor is an exceptional piece of kit and as the real time performance is displayed on the large LCD screen, it is very easy to use. The unit offers a wide range of speeds and torque settings and I use the NSK Ti-Max X-SG20L 20:1 contra-angle with integrated LED light, in addition to a straight NSK surgical handpiece (1:1). In addition one of the great features of the NSK Surgic Pro is how silent/ quiet it is, and thereby reducing one of the external features that causes fear in a patient. 

It is important for me to work efficiently and for the patient to be comfortable. The NSK VarioSurg3 ultrasonic surgical unit has many advanced features and is powerful and easy to use and cuts bone very effectively. I have the NSK Link Stand that joins the control of the Surgic Pro and VarioSurg3 together and makes using the two units incredibly easy. The stand ‘stacks’ the Surgic Pro above the VarioSurg3, utilising space and providing operation of the units via a single foot control. For example, if I am executing a sinus lift and placing implants at same time, being able to easily switch between units is extremely useful. Using this kind of high quality equipment makes everyone more comfortable and allows us to feel confident in what we do for our patients.

The bottom line for me is what kind of experience are we as a team delivering to our patient and I firmly believe that satisfaction comes from delivering excellence in every way we can.”

About the Author

Specialist in Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery

Joe and the team at Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre are happy to discuss patient cases and accept referrals. For more information visit www.moorparkdental.com


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